Truly Portable Disc Golf 

2017 GBO Nite Flite

Thanks for visiting the dgNOMAD GBO Nite Flite™ event page!  We are doing things a bit different this year.  

New releases from Dynamic Discs will be the centerpiece of the Nite Flite at the GBO bonfire!  Friday April 28th 7-11pm will be the first event to feature an 18 hole course of the all new Junior Recruit baskets, perfect for the Jr Emac Truth you'll find in your GBO Players Pack!   We'd like to take this opportunity to thank DD for inviting us to be a part of it.

One more reason to come play the event, once you finish turn in your completed scorecard for a chance to win one of the Junior Recruits we'll use on Friday night!  There will be some for sale as well, let me know if you are interested when you show up Friday.

Moonshine Wardens and GBO Stamped Junior molds will be available for sale at the event Friday and at the dgNOMAD booth Saturday at the block party

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